There was a continuing discussion on wired headphones and portable headsets. Most players are puzzled among these kinds because they can’t determine what headset do pro gamers use. Many aspects and functions conclude whether your headset is appropriate for what you do or not.

We also have various tastes and preferences, but we select the one for ourselves. This is the only explanation that the discussion between these two forms will never stop. However, the problem becomes a little difficult as the issue arises. Whose headphones are used for “Pro” players? We have also seen athletes with wireless headphones and wired headsets. But how are you able to determine? Let’s figure it out!

What kind of headset is ideal for you?

First of all, most professional players review the dimensions and characteristics of headsets instead of their connectivity. It will also help achieve better performance if you concentrate on the functionality, ideally the types of connectivity. Let’s still figure out which type will suit you better!

1- How about using portable wireless headphones!

Wireless headphones are the sole purpose they include consumers the greatest portability. Without any trouble with cables, you will undoubtedly take your headphones anywhere you choose. According to wireless connectivity, connection to devices with fewer ports, such as smartphones, is simpler.

Furthermore, when heading out, portable headphones will have nice looks, and there won’t be any wires to think about. You will find several portable headphones, such as the wireless sound game headset and the sound amplification headset surrounding the stereo. You only select one of them, depending on your tastes. But it’s certainly better to find a superb gaming wireless headset if you’re a wandering guy who wants to travel here and there from time to time.

2- Why wired headphones with it!

You can have wired headphones for your needs if you want to be simple and spare yourself from the trouble of battery issues. You’ll face issues with the cable, but there’ll be no battery problems when playing or charging anywhere.

The better thing is the comparatively inexpensive wired game headphones than portable headsets, which you can pick up. Due to the budget’s growing demand and excellent functionality, several gaming labels come with the latest and new variants for wired headsets. But the issue is still that the headphone wire is splitting, right?

However, the presumption is that there are pros and cons on both sides, and that is the best for you. There is no such thing as “highest” in networking, and if you have tested your choices, you can go for all of them without concern!

What additional features of a game headset do you need to check?

Here’s a section where we will tell that when purchasing a headset what features “Pro” gamers search for. Let’s try to see what you’re supposed to look for, too!

Closed / Open Up Over-Ear On-Ear

The majority of players use over-ear headphones for maximum convenience, so they prefer to protect their ears and have the greatest audio and comfort possible. You should always do what is right for you! No matter what!


There are a couple of headphones available on the market or, you might claim, ear cup styles. Any of them are here:

Type of audio

Here’s another controversial problem, but we won’t be discussing it so far. Two different audio modes, stereo son and sound, are available in most gaming headsets. Now you must determine which one for you is the strongest. You would love the consistency of the surrounded sound headsets if you were an aggressive gamer who likes shooting games. Apart from this, stereo may be a good match for output all-round.


Comfort is, without a doubt, one of the most important things to look for, and it will spoil the entire experience seriously. Most players worldwide have an uninterrupted journey without a pause and a headset with soft comfort.

Therefore if you want to spend hours playing games without any interference, make sure you find the kind of material you are using to give you comfort.


It is inconvenient to use the window button to adjust the volume of the volume bar. It can even trigger distractions to defeat. The inline controls come here and simplify it for the consumers. You can use the inline controls directly and start/disable the microphone, lower/increase volume if you want. Don’t hesitate to verify whether the inline controls are available to your headset.


Gaming is great, so if you enjoy your favorite games with mates, you can double your gaming fun. But without a proper microphone, is it possible? I don’t believe it! Check the accuracy and capabilities of the microphone, such as noise cancelation and omnipresent. These features allow you to play games every day and make communication with your friends easier.

Contents of this Article

What Headsets do Pro Gamers Use

These are some of the popular gaming headsets that you can use and pro gamers also do use these:

1) HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset

Shroud uses the HyperX Cloud headset to display the online twitch video that viewers saw him wearing. It’s one of the best wireless headphones for games. In HyperX, the level of communication for signals is incredible. It has up to 30 hours of battery capacity. In addition, this headphone is beautiful in style. Even by wearing it and its flexible headphones, you can be comfortable.

You should do it if you’ve got a PS5, PS4 or PC. It has a powerful microphone to perform or play with your mate’s live streams. To free play while you do not talk in live streams or voice communication, you should also remove the microphone. The microphone often can cancel the noise to maintain a sharp and steady voice.

You’d love to get an audio control button on the HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset. It will provide you with simple audio control when playing without any other adjustments. Overall, this game headset that Shroud uses is one of the better versions in this price category on the market.

2) Logitec G Pro X – Currently Using in 2021

Shroud used HyperX Cloud Flight, but he was in 2021 using Logitech G Pro X. It comes with a USB port sound card that improves the audio quality. The memory pads of the headset also enable your ears to rest comfortably for longer periods.

It is equipped with a blue design microphone for direct contact. You may also use EQ sound profiles from top gamers directly on your apps. Sound profiles at the tournament stage will learn the abilities from various sports. In general, Logitech G Pro X is more advanced than the price, better gaming headset.

Top gamers and streamers are common with the above two headsets. Then consider those two headsets to spend your money for the better. On the product page, you can see the high scores and feedback.