VR is exciting and enjoyable, but it can also be costly. If money has stopped you from experiencing augmented reality, it no longer has to. VR headphones are now available for less than the price of a movie ticket. One of them is the Pasonomi VR! Let’s take a closer review at it.

The Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset is a low-cost handheld virtual reality headset. The term “mobile” refers to the headset’s ability to travel easily (it is not attached to a computer or console) as well as the fact that it uses your mobile device to deliver VR content.

The Pasonomi comes with a three-strap belt system that allows you to place the headset on your head carefully. Until installation, each imported 42mm diameter spherical resin lens is checked for quality. The lens architecture has a large field of view of 70-80 degrees.

Pasonomi’s VR headset has great versatility since it can be used on both iPhones and Android phones. Another convenient aspect is the adjustable part of the faceplate, which helps me to use my camera while still wearing the headset. When you put on the headphones, you’ll note the high-quality, luxurious leather padding that suits your face comfortably.

Specs & Features:

  • To play with comfort for a long period, the headset comprises ABS raw materials, recyclable.
  • It has a new design which is made of a high gloss transparent cover. It boosts up the VR experience.
  • Foam Pads are removable to wash it easily.
  • The headband is adjustable to give comfy while playing games or watching your favorite VR movies.
  • Aspheric optical design of lens; Naked eye viewing support is 0-600°. More than 600° to help while wearing glasses.
  • Amazing 3d experience with adjustable pupil and focal distance
  • Budget-friendly VR headset
  • With the removable faceplate part, it is possible to use a camera
  • Most iPhones and Android phones are compatible
  • In comparison to other VR headsets, it has a small field of vision
  • Spherical lenses may also cause image illusions

Important Features

Certain aspects of the Pasonomi VR Headset set it apart from other headsets. Let’s have a look at them:

Elegant Design

Whereas other VR headsets seem dull or bulky, the Pasonomi headset has a fashionable appearance that is very appealing.


The three-strap flexible harness is secure and relieves about 30% of the weight on your face. The comfortable leather padding not only feels good on your skin but also breathes well, keeping your face cool.

Pupil and Object Distance Adjustment

The lenses can be adjusted using knobs on the headset side and a wheel on the top of the headset. You can adjust the space between your eyes by moving the lenses farther apart or closer together (pupil distance).

The top wheel varies the gap between the lenses and your eyes to have a clearer view (object distance). These modifications can enable people with myopia of fewer than 600 degrees to use the headset without glasses.

Compatibility with AR

Augmented reality (AR) applications use the phone’s video camera to view whatever is in front of it and then overlay extra images or details on top of it. Google Translation, for example, will quickly translate international signals that your phone is videoing. It would help if you used the Pasonomi headset for AR applications in addition to VR since it has a reversible part of the faceplate that allows you to use your camera.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Smartphones

The Pasonomi headset is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It would suit almost every handset with a screen size ranging from 4.7 to 6in.

Limited Field of View

The Pasonomi virtual reality headset has a field of vision of just 70-80 degrees. Other smart headphones provide a wider field of vision of up to 120 degrees, providing a more immersive environment. However, those headsets will cost up to three times as much.


The headset itself lacks sensors. However, since it runs software on your smartphone, it can use your phone’s sensors, including an accelerometer and a gyroscope. If the VR app uses tilting and turning sensors, your phone will be able to detect them. You can’t drive through the environment; you can pan and tilt.


Sadly, the Pasonomi headset lacks controls and does not have a remote. So, to access your handset, you must remove it from the headset. Try purchasing a different remote, such as this one for an Android or an iPhone.


The Pasonomi VR headset has no built-in speakers. Instead, it has ports on the sides of the phone cabinet where you can plug in your audio headphones. This should work well because most people have some earbud or audio headset.

This can also be considered an advantage since certain augmented reality headsets with built-in audio have poor audio quality. You will use high-quality audio headphones or earbuds for this headset. Besides that, you can also plug your handset into the charger through the slots in the phone cabinet, convenient.


The Pasonomi VR headset’s price is one of its most appealing qualities. The Pasonomi isn’t the best VR headset on the market, but it’s a decent buy for the price it’s sold at.

Software or APP for Configuration

In our practical week of review, the Pasonomi VR headset does not have any applications and has no download. You don’t need to update something when you’re using your phone to run applications.

You can begin your VR experience after removing the headset from the box and inserting the phone into the phone cabinet.