Virtual reality is a next-generation 3d experience on your smartphone or pc. Looking through VR is quite realistic. It also gives some satisfaction to view the real world in front of your eyes at your home. But, like me, if you also lack money to buy expensive VR headsets. Though there’s a way to watch VR videos without a headset. Let’s see how:

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How to Watch VR Videos Without the Headset

1) Youtube

YouTube also supports absolute 360-degree content on devices. By swiping your phone around, you can display videos from any perspective. You can’t pass the video around with your fingers, and you can’t watch 360-degree videos with Google Cardboard because the functionality is still not allowed.

Moreover, while watching VR videos on youtube, you can put a cardboard piece on one side of your phone screen. As you know, VR videos are in side by side dimension. So, in this way, you can watch those cool VR videos without a headset.

2) Facebook

You will find 360-degree videos on Facebook by entering #360Video into the search bar. VR videos and 360-degree images are supported through the Facebook software. You may rotate the screen in space to see any corner of the frame or use your finger to slide the video from left to right or vice versa. Since Facebook fully supports 360-degree content, you won’t need to use any software to get a complete experience.

3) PC/ Desktop

You can view 360-degree videos on your PC or laptop, but the effect would be less interactive. You will use the touchpad or cursor to navigate videos on websites such as YouTube and Facebook. It’s not the same as having a VR headset or even Google Cardboard, so it will offer you an understanding of how it functions.

4) Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a sheet of Cardboard rolled into a package about the size of a block. You insert an iPhone or Android phone with a diagonal size of no more than 6 inches. You launch Google Cardboard, and there you have it.

Virtual reality goggles are very impressive, but they are frequently prohibitively expensive. If this is a challenge for you, you may want to consider purchasing the Google Cardboard VR kit, which is inexpensive but offers a good VR experience. Google-certified models are eligible for as little as $15 on the website. Many businesses are still giving them away for free.

This low-cost headset is compatible with all Android and iOS phones, although they must be between 4 and 6 inches in height to match. You won’t be allowed to slip an iPhone XS Max or a Galaxy Note 9 into the headset.

When you have your Google Cardboard headphones and a compatible tablet, you can download every 360-degree shot or video and watch it in VR. The feeling is extremely realistic, almost identical to using an Oculus Rift or a Samsung VR package. Let’s take a peek at some applications to get you started.

You will stream 360-degree footage of news stories, roller coaster tours, and other activities on YouTube using an Android phone. You will find any by looking for “360Video” on Twitter. Click the Cardboard button in the lower right corner, insert your handset into the gadget, and see through the lenses – recall those old View-Masters?

Turn back and see what’s going on behind you. Look up, down, and on the side. The phone’s accelerometer detects where your head is, and the phone’s screen displays the correct perspective – in 3D through Cardboard’s lenses.

The YouTube feature is not yet accessible on iPhones. However, you can download other Cardboard games from the iPhone or Android app stores. The New York Times VR, for example, has segments on travel, politics, and conflict. Google Street View provides 360-degree views of Machu Picchu and other locations you might have just imagined. Other apps enable you to play sports, drive race cars, and interact with dinosaurs.

Google Cardboard Android App

You will enjoy some awesome VR environments by downloading the official Google Cardboard app. Google Cardboard has a QR code that can be scanned to obtain the approved app. Since it is built for total beginners, it is the ideal app to begin your VR experience.

The app has a variety of sports, worlds, and activities for you to try out. Furthermore, all of the accessible material was created specifically for Google Cardboard, ensuring that you get the best out of your VR experience. You will go to areas that you would never be able to go in normal life. If you like VR gaming, there are several VR games available for free from the Google Play or App Store.