Are you a gamer too who loves to play games while wearing the Headset? Because as we know, headsets come with the feature of a mic, which helps voice chat with friends. But, there are now headsets with only one jack with its wire, and the other situation is that new pc models and laptops also have only one jack. So, now how to use a headset mic on pc with one single jack without splitter? I’m about to share with you an amazing way to do it.

Some earphones, though not always, may be used as microphones. Earphones and microphones operate under the same concept. They are valued and favored by speakers because they perform so well. Earphones must be of high quality to function as both a microphone and an earphone. Microphones, on the other hand, cannot be seen as decent speakers.

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How does Headset work?

A set of headphones with a microphone can have different built-in functions, such as a control panel, where you can change the sound settings or press the record tab to record the sound. The recording guide can be useful if you plan to use the microphone regularly.

These types of headphones that include a microphone are perfect for a variety of different activities on a PC, including using the headphones for work purposes, such as VOIP calls through Windows, or even for the pleasure of connecting with your friends. You can also use them for computer games, which can be on the Windows platform.

How to Use Headset Mic on Pc with One Jack

Suppose you plan to use the Headset for any of the above purposes. In that case, you will need to use the microphone and the sound or audio function simultaneously. This can be a bit tricky with a PC as they have a port for the audio function and a port for the microphone function.

Headphones with a microphone usually come with a single connector to fit the port of the device you are using, such as a phone or tablet. So this is where the problem lies when you want to connect your headphones to your computer.

A phone has a 3.5mm headphone port that serves the audio/sound and microphone functions, allowing you to use the Headset fully. This also applies to a laptop as they also have a 3.5mm headphone jack. If you choose to use these devices, your headphones will work perfectly, and you will not need any additional equipment.

The connectors on a computer are generally not tied together like other devices, so to make sure the headphone microphone works and the audio/sound works simultaneously, you will need to purchase an adapter.

The adapter will have one port where you can connect the headphone jack and then two connectors on the other end, each corresponding to your computer. Suppose you want to use the technical terms. In that case, the female port is where the headphones connect, and the male connectors are connected to the computer.

If you’re not that technical, don’t worry about plugging the connectors into the appropriate port, it’s easy. Your computer will have small symbols etched into the plastic of each port to indicate its function. You select the appropriate input port and connect them.

If your computer does not have symbols, it will be color-coded. All you need to do is select the correct color connector to enter the audio/sound port and select the microphone connector of the same color to connect.

After connecting the headphones to the computer via the adapter, you can use the Windows system control panel to adjust the audio from the headphones to make sure that the headphones’ sound is comfortable to hear clearly and not too strong that it hurts the ears.

Headphone audio volume is important, especially if you are also using the microphone function. You don’t want it to be too loud and start yelling into the microphone as you cannot hear how loud your voice is while traveling—the headphone.

If you use your headphones for work and in a busy office, make sure the audio volume is loud enough to block out other people’s conversations so that you can hear the person you are talking to through the device.

Suppose you think you have the microphone and audio headphones together. In that case, you can buy a separate microphone connected to the computer. That way, you don’t have to buy an adapter, although you do need to buy a microphone to go with the headphones.

Another way to solve the problem of having two separate sound and microphone ports on a PC is to buy headphones with a USB port. That way, you can use the computer’s USB port to allow the microphone and audio functions to work simultaneously.

Suppose you already bought your headphones, instead of buying an adapter with two inputs to enter the PC ports. In that case, you can buy a USB headphone adapter as an alternative.

Some people buy Bluetooth headsets for computers; They may work, although you may find that the audio quality is not as good as if you had headphones connected to the device. It may be worth using wired headphones.

Based on the information above, you can see that it is easy to make the headphones work with your computer if you buy an adapter to allow the headphones to connect properly.

Suppose you are using the PC gaming headset. In that case, the microphone helps connect to other people without distracting you from looking at the screen and leaning on an external microphone, which makes the gaming session more beautiful. For work purposes, it allows for comfort as you do not need to speak into a desktop microphone as the microphone is directly in front of your mouth.

Using $10 Splitter

If your headphone plug has three metal rings in addition to the metal tip, you can buy a TRRS to USB splitter or connector, which is not costly. Plug your Headset and microphone into this connector and then into a USB port on your laptop or desktop device.

A few tablets and older mobile phones will still operate with this adapter if you also purchase a USB OTG adapter for your phone and add a power source to the other female USB micro connector. The OTG adaptor is also reasonably priced.