Whatever your hobby or interests of free time! You always look for the best products in the market, related to your hobby. That promotes enthusiasm for your hobby or specific interests. The same case is with gaming hobbies. The gaming lovers like to add more innovative products of the play station in their collection every day.

A most crucial product that every gamer wants to renew over time is their gaming headsets. Yes, the 7.1 best surround sound gaming headset for PS4 elevates the enjoyment level of each gaming session. It assists the gamers in good communication with others during their gaming session.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, there is an observation of online gaming. Can you imagine, only during April 2020, the figure of online gamers rose from 563.09 to 913.07 thousand? The reason was lockdown, which restricted the public to homes. And there was a reduction in outdoor gaming to an extent. Rather than the experienced console gamers, some newbies joined the online gaming platform like PUBG. They like to spend their free time on it. Due to the current scenario, the demand of play station and gaming accessories like headsets increased to an extent in the online market.

Everyone wants the standard play station to elevate their gaming experience and immersion. Gaming headsets are the most important among the accessories of the play station. The audio of gaming sessions in speakers may irritate others in the surrounding. There is a need to buy the best ps4 surround sound gaming headset under 100 and 200. That limits the voice of the gaming session to your ears.

Another important aspect of this gaming headset is making your communication convenient with other players. Here we are enlisting the best surround sound gaming headsets of the Ps4 series aims to upsurge your gaming experience.

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10 Best Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PS4

1) Razer Tetra

Some professional speakers on the service center require unique headsets, which help them both in the workplace and in gaming sessions. They look for the best headset that can assist them in both tasks.

The best solution for this type of requirement is Razer Tetra. It is a more comfortable option for connectivity on online websites, with its smart and unique framework. Its adjustable microphone helps the speaker to move it according to its sitting position. Its microphone is clear and noise-free that makes your call. It offers reliable connectivity with Smart TV or laptop to enjoy HD audio of TV programs or gaming sessions.

Its light framework, weighing only 70 g, makes it lighter to carry on your head. However, the option of one ear puff reduces its hearing. but gives a stylish look to it. The connectivity tool of the gaming headset is the wire. That is 1.3 m in length.


  • Drivers; customized 32 mm
  • Product dimensions; 15.52 x 17.53 x 5.99 cm
  • Microphone; Noise proof, rotatable.
  • Lightweight framework; 70 g
  • The unique style adds more to the charm of the headset
  • The high-quality microphone allows multi-tasking
  • Best for audio chats, but not for gaming. It does not deliver HD sound. 


2) Turtle Beach Recon 70P

If you are looking for cheaper headsets with a modish look, Turtle Beach Recon 70P is the best option. As it is available at a reasonable price of $40. A charming blend of blue and black colors in the frame of Turtle Beach Elite Recon 70P. That makes it attractive for gaming lovers. Some buyers want to choose the color of gaming headsets. That matches adequately with their PC and laptop.

The feature of gaming headsets is their high-quality sound production with their stylish look. It keeps its user comfortable due to an adjustable headband and ear puffs. Turtle beach manufacturer added the element of Recon 70 P to enhance its credibility. Its lightweight feature makes it distinguishable among all the other gaming headsets.


  • Weight; 86 g
  • Product dimension; 27.4 x 26.4 x 11 cm
  • Stylish frame with blue and black colors
  • Large air puffs of high quality
  • Cable length; 1.5m
  • Connectivity through 1.5m long cable allows connectivity with PC placed at a distance
  • Superb sound production feature
  • Add styling to your gaming set because of its blended color
  • Not as good as it looks from its appearance
  • Avoid the scratching on the plastic frame that can ruin the color of the gaming headset


3) EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 Gaming Headset

EPOS Company revolutionized the gaming world with their masterpiece of Sennheiser GSP 370. According to headset experts, it is the leading product of PS4 that will surprise their customers with the Sennheiser sound quality that is only its specialty among all best gaming headsets. The addition of GSP 370 increases its sound quality by reducing the surrounding impacts.

The outer matte black makes it unique, shiny, and trendy among the customers. The air puffs are designed in a square rather than round shape, making them look cool. Its headband has a dual-frame, one fixed and other adjustable, which allows the user to set its fitting according to head size. The connectivity of the headset can achieve by using the Bluetooth feature.

The most desired feature of gaming headsets is a long-lasting battery. Sennheiser GSP 370 Gaming Headset gives 100-hour battery timing without any disconnection. There is the option of charging it over USB that adds more to its durability.


  • Sennheiser GSP 370; noise free sound quality
  • Good microphone; excellent sound, rotatable
  • Wireless connectivity; via Bluetooth
  • Weight of frame; 625 g
  • Available in $ 170
  • Comfortable air puffs
  • Enjoy the HD sound quality with the Sennheiser feature of GSP 370 that reduces the impact of surrounding sounds
  • Blended with a stylish look and double headband that comforts the gaming lovers
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth allows the connection from a distance
  • Available at affordable prices rather than others
  • There is a need for a sound balancer not present in it
  • The features of gaming headsets are not enough according to their cost


4) Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum headset

Best platinum gaming headset at a reasonable price

If you are looking for adjustable gaming headsets (in terms of the headband and ear puffs), then platinum headsets of Sony play station 4 are the best option. Its stylish and modish look represents your quality taste among the team members, friends, and other gamers.

It provides you the adjustable duo headbands with rotatable ear puffs that add more comfort to the gamers during long gaming sessions. Its long battery timing makes you relaxed during a whole gaming session.

Its hard drivers of 50mm, increases the sound quality of the gaming session. Even you can listen to the blaring sounds of explosions. It enhances your gaming experience and involvement in the session. Sony is well known for launching high-quality play stations with quality features at reasonable prices. The weight of the gaming headset is moderate; about 320 g.


  • Framework; platinum material, and 320g in weight
  • Double headbands; 1 adjustable and other fixed
  • Drivers; 50 mm
  • Battery time; 6 hours
  • Movable ear puffs; comfortable for each type of ears
  • The unique framework of platinum makes it look modish and comfy
  • Its adjustable headbands and ear puffs aid in long-lasting game sessions
  • Hard drivers of 50mm and Ps4 compatibility maintains its sound quality
  • Require an application to run its software


5) Razer Thresher for PS4

The Surround sound gaming headset of Razer Thresher is the ultimate solution to distracting sounds from speakers of PC or TV audio speakers. Razer Thresher of Ps 4 gaming headset has the unique feature of wireless apparatus, providing high-quality sounds of gaming sessions that draw you into the animation world. Its average weight of 402g makes its carriage easy during traveling or trips to enjoy the gaming session on your laptop.

The drivers of 50mm and 7.1 version compatibility elevate its sound quality with more exciting features. As the name indicates, its frame is embedded with the Razer chroma, making possible high gaming immersion and personalization. Razer Brand disclosed its master item with the distinctive feature of 500mAh long battery timing. That provides battery timing of 16 hours so that you can enjoy long-term gaming sessions with it.


  • Lightweight: 420 g
  • Item dimensions: 21.8cm x 18.5 cm x 10 cm
  • Sound quality; 12-2800 gHz
  • Wireless: via Bluetooth
  • Range of connection; 20 meters
  • Color: Classic Black
  • Surround sound of headset: THX Spatial 7.1
  • The unique feature of spatial 7.1 gives a quality gaming experience to the gamer
  • Wireless headset with Bluetooth connectivity provides a strong connection even at 20 meters
  • The high sound quality of up to 2800 GHz enhances its demand
  • Double headbands allow it comfy adjustability
  • Not having quality Mic, which harms connectivity with other gamers
  • Available in only black color; no color variety


6) Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is one of the best items related to gaming gadgets that provide high-quality sounds in gaming sessions and during the stream of international matches. The series of PS 4 include all gaming headsets of Razer play station. It will elevate the listening experience of commentary in high-quality sound.

Its unique feature of the gaming headset is its hard drive of 50mm, which supports nice sounds to amuse your ears. It is embedded with wire, having a length of 1.3 m that help connect it with PC and laptops, placed at a distance. Its comfy ear puffs and adjustable headbands can entertain the gamers without causing tiredness. The stylish blend of green and black adds to the charm of play station.


  • Hard drivers; 50mm
  • Wire cable for connectivity; 1.3 m
  • High standard voice production
  • Weight; 324 g
  • Available at lower prices of $70
  • Its unique feature is the dual performance, providing live commentary of sports events and gaming session audio
  • The color of the frame is semi-black or green, add more to its beauty and modish look
  • The driver of 50mm increases the sound quality of the gaming headset
  • A small but more efficient mic allows communication with partners
  • High-range sound becomes distorted, as it can proceed to mid-range sound
  • Razer skipped some essential qualities in these gaming headsets


7) Corsair HS60 PRO

The priority of a gaming expert is to buy a headset. If you are such a buyer, which is searching for a low price gaming headset, the Corsair HS60 is launched in the market to fulfill your needs. The PS 4 series’s unique item is available in great green color. That adds more to the styling of the gaming headset.

The headset has wire connectivity, having a length of 1.8m that allows it to collaborate with your PC, laptop, and tablets, placed at more distance.

It has an excellent and clear mic feature that provides you high-quality sound during your gaming sessions. Adding more to the enjoyment level, it also proceeds the HD quality sound. The product manufacturer takes care of your comfort first.


  • Available at lower prices: $ 50
  • Drivers; 50mm
  • Color of product: golden and black
  • Length of wire: 1.8m
  • Weight of item; 339g
  • Dimensions of product: 18.19 x 8.89 x 20.6 m
  • No batteries required
  • The detachable microphone provides you high-quality sound during the gaming session
  • Hard drivers of 50mm add more to the production of quality sound
  • Lightweight air cups make your ear safe from long-term listening problems
  • Lacks stereo sounds
  • Un-replaceable parts of headsets, in case of any damage to it


8) Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The only appearance of the PS 4 is representing a special gaming headset for their regular customers. The product’s unique feature has improvements rather than the previous series and added stealth of 700 generations to the product.

The modish-bended outlook of a gaming headset with breathable air cups adds more to comfortable gaming sessions. In these headsets, the headset buttons are present in some particular order to attract game headset lovers. These headsets have drivers of 50mm, which produce high-quality sounds during long-term gaming sessions. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is available at low prices with more catchy features. It will be a useful partner of your gaming experience.


  • Large hard drivers: 50mm
  • Frame weight: 382g
  • 700 generation: quality sound
  • Air cups: comfy and porous
  • Excellent microphones
  • Item dimension: 21.7 x 11.3 x 24.3 cm
  • Up-gradation in a generation increased its battery life with 2X
  • Porous air cups add more comfortable gaming sessions in case of a long time
  • Modish frame among all headsets of the Turtle Beach series
  • The slim frame maybe not fit some consumers or cause problems
  • Available in only one color, black


9) Hyper X Cloud 2/Cloud II

Some decent gamers always remain in search of high-quality headsets with a modish look. Hyper X Cloud 2/Cloud II is the best option to enhance the charisma of play station with high-quality features. PS 4 series include Hyper cloud contributes to the balanced sound with high battery timing that allows its use during long trips.

The microphone is detachable that permits its use either as a regular gaming headset or for music listening. The headset connects to the system via a USB wire that transmits high-quality audio of gaming sessions. The framework supports its long-term use in gaming sessions without any tiredness of gamers. The ear puffs heat up due to the lack of proper software that is present in all other gaming headsets.


  • Drivers; 55mm
  • Sound surround version; 7.1
  • Color; black and red
  • Sound frequency; 20-2500 g Hz
  • Microphone; detachable
  • Connectivity; wire
  • Drivers of 55mm and 7.1 sound surround version enhance the sound quality, absorbing all the distortions during gaming sessions
  • Ear puffs are made up of leatherette that adds relaxation to the ears even long-term gaming sessions
  • There is no proper software to operate the voice quality in a gaming headset
  • The aluminum frame may be ruined, destroying its durability


10) Steel Series Arctis 7P/7X

Unboxing of new gaming headset of Steelseries Arctis 7X reveals its top demanding features of wireless sound system that cut you off from the resting world and indulge in the gaming session. The Steelseries of gaming headset provides you a unique quality feature of 7X sound power.

The regular consumers of PS 4 know about the Steelseries, having the quality tune feature with noise balancing Mic that produces a comfortable environment for gamers. The weight of the headset frame is 567g which is more convenient to carry for a long time without any tiredness. This headset can connect via Bluetooth with tablet PC, laptops, tablets, and i-pads to make your gaming session enjoyable.


  • Battery timing of 24+ hours: 1AA batteries
  • Dimensions of item: 20 x 20 x 9.20 cm
  • Weight of frame: 567g
  • Wireless feature: connectivity via Bluetooth
  • 3D unique structure with excellent voice
  • Hardware drivers: 40mm
  • Long time battery life makeable its use in trip or journey without any tension
  • Wireless gaming headsets provide high-quality connectivity via Bluetooth
  • High-quality sounds with a tuning system
  • Low hardware in comparison to the cost of the gaming headset
  • Too much expensive in contrast to other best gaming headsets


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Tips to be Followed While Using a Gaming Headset

  1. Avoid long term use

The gaming headsets are best to use for a limited time. Do not stick yourself always to headsets because their long-term use can damage the hearing of your ears. Doctors suggest long-term use can affect the tympanum and walls of the ear. That leads to permanent deafness. Try to listen to the music without headsets if possible. But make sure when listening on the headset, maintain volume.

  1. Remove headset before sleeping

While listening to music before sleeping can influence your nervous system. Try to remove the headsets about half an hour before sleeping. That will relax the nerves of your brain and enhance your sleeping quality. In case you forget to remove them. You cannot enjoy a night of sleep.

  1. Use high-quality ear puffs

The ear puffs or cushion of every gaming headset is replaceable. The best alternative to it is comfortable ear puffs that can add relaxation to your ear pinna. Their variety is available in the market, purchase them and replace it with hard ear puffs of your headsets.

  1. Clean after a month

Try to take care of the cleanliness of your gaming headsets. Fix a day in the month for cleaning of headsets and play station. Take a water-soaked cloth to remove the dirt from the gaming headset and dry it with a cloth. Proper cleaning restores the shining of your gaming headset.

  1. Take care of wire

The wire is the most sensitive part of your gaming headsets, as its minor breakage can disconnect the voice of gaming sessions and music. Try to take care of it and protects it from damage.

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