Setting off on a mission to find the best gaming headsets for consoles is a daunting task. There are a multitude of options available: wired, wireless, open, and closed cup designs. Also, stereo and surround sound headphones. Moreover, the list goes on and on with oval and round headphones, leather, and material finishes.

Much of what makes a great gaming headset will depend on personal preference. But what we were looking for was a product that struck a perfect balance between design quality, value for money, and features that gamers would love. To create this shortlist, we worked with a host of PC, Xbox, and PS4 gaming zones to narrow them down to a shortlist of top best gaming headsets under 50, 100, and 200 dollars.  You will love their features while playing your favourite games like CSGO, PUBG.

If you’re looking for the best in-ear gaming headphones for console and pc gaming for your money, stay with us. As we go over the best we’ve seen and the reasons why you should consider adding them to your shortlist.

Our Top Pick:

The Arctis 7 is the best gaming ps4 headset available also for Xbox One and PC, thanks to its comfortable design, impressive durability, and excellent sound quality.

You can also use a straight 3.5mm cable, meaning when listening to music on the go or while recharging your headphones.

Arctis 7 works best on PC, PS4, and PS5; we recommend it after extensive research.

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Best Console Gaming Headsets for Xbox, Ps4, Ps5 & PC | 2021Best Console Gaming Headsets

If you love to play games with your friends or even you’re a pro gamer you’d require the best headphone. I’m about to tell you which headset is the best for console gaming with its features, list of pros and cons. So that you can select the best one within few minutes. Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1) Best Cheap Gaming Headsets: Corsair HS35 Wired Stereo

corsair hs35 headset review

Sometimes you want cheaper headphones. But just because you’re saving money, you shouldn’t have to put up with poor audio, terrible design, and lousy build quality. The Corsair HS35 is the headset for anyone looking to save money and still get a decent couple of cans for their Xbox One.


  • Thanks to memory foam earmuffs and a comfortable headband, the Corsair HS35 remains comfortable without being uncomfortable after several hours of play and is strong enough to withstand careless putting on and taking off.
  • The audio won’t win awards, but it’s on par with most mid-range headphones and achieves some snappy highs (even if the bass can’t quite match that of the Razer Kraken TE).
  • The microphone is transparent and detachable, and there is a color-coded cable that connects to any 3.5mm connection.
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  • Great value for the price
  • Decent sound
  • Nice and clear microphone
  • Lacks features and extras
  • Stereo sound only


This is a carefully designed kit, available on Xbox green obviously, with a sturdy yet comfortable build and some impressive audio qualities.


2) Best Headset for Music, Gaming, and Chat: EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 headset review

The EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 is the Sennheiser headset for gamers who want a versatile product that is suitable for music, gaming, and chat. It combines a very respectable build with solid audio quality but remains lightweight and comfortable for long periods of time.


  • If you’re desperate for Sennheiser-level audio quality without paying the premium price, then the GHSP 300 is just that headphone.
  • It is compatible with all devices and provides detailed audio, excellent surround / directional precision, and great overall richness.
  • Its microphone is also great, although not being detachable it might exclude it from being a good complement for Xbox gamers who also want something for mobile devices.
  • In an ideal world, it would be nice to have a few features, but the streamlined approach also helps keep costs down. However, there is no denying its great value for money and this is one of the best gaming headsets that costs less than the triple-figure mark.
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  • Sennheiser-quality audio
  • Excellently clear microphone
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • No chat/game audio balancer
  • Limited features
  • Design is ok


It’s a great looking kit and while its plastic build isn’t the fanciest on the market, it feels well-built and is likely to forgive a bit of roughness and sag.


3) Best Comfortable Gaming Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro+

SteelSeries Arctis Pro+ headset review

This SteelSeries Arctis Pro+ GameDAC is our favorite gaming headset. Why? Because it’s everything a good headset should be.

It’s very comfortable to wear for long periods, thanks to a clever self-adjusting band, and unlike some competitor’s models, it doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects as a result.


  • Using a USB transmitter, the Arctis offers excellent battery life and range. The audio quality is sublime, regardless of the application; he’s just as happy with your music library as he is with Battlefield 1.
  • The headphones also employ DTS Headphone: X when gaming on a PC, providing an additional sense of space through virtual surround sound.
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  • Wide operating range
  • Long duration battery
  • Excellent build quality
  • Clean and punchy audio
  • Maybe a little small for big heads
  • Compatibility with Xbox and Switch wired only
  • The volume dials are a bit fiddly


If you’re a PS4 or PC player and have around £ 150 to spend on a headset, look no further.

The Arctis 7 is excellent audio equipment. Not only is it designed to look and feel expensive, but its functional design makes it a pleasure to wear for hours on end


4) Best Gaming Headset for Sound Quality: SteelSeries Arctis 1

SteelSeries Arctis 1 headset review

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless has a special ability, which is quite unique in the world of gaming headsets. It has great sound quality for high resolution or ultra audio games like pubg.


  • As Nintendo has refused to enable Bluetooth support for its portable console, SteelSeries has found a solution thanks to a USB-C dongle that can be plugged into the bottom.
  • We found that the Arctis Pro sounds great for hi-res audio files and is noticeably louder and sharper than the traditional Arctis lineup when it comes to gaming.
  • And if you already have a pair of headphones that you really like to work with, the GameDAC can be purchased separately.
  • However, the lack of surround sound and a smooth design are annoying issues worth noting for a headphone at this price, as the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless costs an extra premium for that special Switch stand.
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  • Wireless use on Switch and other platforms is flawless
  • The audio is surprisingly powerful and clear for the asking price.
  • The microphone is detachable with decent voice quality
  • The aesthetic is insipid and lifeless for the brand.


If you’re willing to pay a premium for high-resolution sound support and loads of features, the Arctis Pro + GameDAC is one of the best gaming headphone combinations available.


5) Best Gaming Headset for Streaming: Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB

Razer Kraken Kitty headset review

This Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB headset is adorable. If you’re a streamer then this gaming headphone is the best option for you. Moreover, you’ll love its lightning feature which gives an extra premium look while streaming.


  • It has tiny kitty ears with Razer Chroma RGB lighting and a millennial pink finish with a matching pink braided USB cable (though they also come in black and white).
  • It was designed with streamers and cosplayers in mind and even has a built-in cosplay mode; if it is connected to a power bank, the headphone illumination will remain on.
  • But even if you’re not an internet personality, it’s a fun headphone with great sound and an active noise-canceling microphone.
  • It is one of the best headphones for online gaming, helping you identify enemy movements and distant shots at a decent range and with great precision.
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  • Great off-road
  • Decent audio over standard connection
  • Very comfortable
  • Midrange sound could be clearer
  • Xbox loses some features


It’s one of the most comprehensive and versatile headphones we’ve tested and represented excellent value for money. That bold Xbox green color is the icing on the cake.


6) Best Gaming Headphones with Mic: JBL Quantum 800

JBL Quantum 800 headset review

According to JBL  Quantum 800 can last up to 14 hours with the lights off. Your use will vary depending on the volume level you use and whether you keep the lights on. The good news is, you’ll get the best quality mic with this gaming headset.


  • The Quantum 800 is sleek and dark, covered in matte black and bronze plastic.
  • The back of each earbud features a circular textured panel with the JBL logo, which glows with customizable colored lights when the earbud is powered on.
  • Reflective metallic dark gray plastic frames the illuminated panels. The left ear cup holds the boom microphone, a foam-covered capsule mounted on a rigid but flexible black rubber boom.
  • A power switch and a Bluetooth pairing button are located on the bottom edge of the right earbud.
  • All other controls and connections are along the rear and bottom edges of the left ear cup, including a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5mm input, a mic mute button, a volume wheel, a game/chat balance wheel, and a noise-canceling button.
  • USB and 3.5mm cables are included, along with the USB transmitter.
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  • Many functions
  • Solid noise cancellation
  • Strong bass
  • Good microphone
  • Bluetooth
  • PC only for most functions
  • The sculpted sound signature is not particularly accurate


The JBL Quantum 800 wireless gaming headset does a bit of everything and does it surprisingly well.


7) Best Gaming Headset with Bass: Razer Nari Essential Wireless 7.1

Razer Nari Essential Wireless 7.1 review

The Razer Nari Essential Wireless 7.1 Ultimate is an amazing gaming headset, but it comes at a premium price. You’ll love to have high-quality bass sound. Moreover, you’ll also feel a vibration to have a realistic gaming experience.


  • The headset also offers haptic feedback, which means it vibrates at the same time as the audio so you can literally feel the big noises (usually explosions).
  • So, if you are a fan of action titles, this headset is definitely for you.
  • In fact, the only real problem is the microphone, which does not offer the same superior sound quality as the rest of the headphone functions.
  • It is not really poor, but not a market leader either. So if you’re a great conversationalist that could be a problem. If not … there’s nothing quite like the Nari Ultimate and if you’ve got the cash we’d recommend it for the feel of using it alone, as it’s easily one of the best Xbox One headsets we’ve ever tested.
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  • Haptic feedback feels good
  • Superior audio quality
  • The microphone is not the best


Please note that you can buy this Xbox One specific Nari Ultimate headset which is much focused on console and gaming, but then it will require Microsoft’s wireless adapter to use with your PC as it does not include a 3.5mm connection option.


8) Best Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset review

SteelSeries Arctis Pro is one of the best-sounding headphones you can buy. As such, it’s worth double consideration if you use your PlayStation 4 to watch movies and listen to music, in addition to gaming.


  • Audio clarity and balance are much better than most of the other sets here. Both the Arctic Pro Wireless and GameDAC versions will work with a PlayStation 4 console, but the vanilla wired version is for PC only, so be sure to choose the correct game before purchasing.
  • The GameDAC model has an external box with high-quality high-resolution audio converters. However, it must be connected, so this may not be the best option if you play a few feet from your PS4. The wireless version may be a better option.
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  • Excellent sound quality
  • Dedicated DAC
  • Not well suited to large living room setups


All versions have LEDs around the cups. It may be made for audio perfectionists, but it’s still a gaming headset.

If you’re looking for a high-performance PC gaming headset (works with PS4 too), the Arctis Pro + GameDAC is exceptional for gaming and music, as long as your head isn’t particularly large.


9) Best Gaming Headset Ever Made: Astro Gaming A40 TR 

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR headset review

Astro Gaming headsets are the best ever made for gaming.  Astro Audio V2 provides a neutral, uniform, and spread frequency spectrum for detailed and realistic sound. This Astro Gaming A40 TR means fatigue-free highs, clear mids, and tight lows sound without distortion for balanced resolution.


  • The headset itself is very similar to the design of the A40 above, with some modified colors and finishes.
  • It’s primarily matte black plastic around the helmets and headband, with aluminum struts on the sides connecting them and allowing for a smooth vertical adjustment to adjust the fit.
  • There are also X-Editions that replace the glossy aluminum finishes on the side struts and boom microphone grille with red, as well as the black plastic finishes on the headband and side accents on the headphones.
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  • Excellent sound quality.
  • The sturdy, lightweight design feels premium.
  • Lots of audio customization options through the Astro Command app.
  • Expensive for a wired headset.
  • PS4 Slim users need an HDMI splitter.


The Astro Gaming A40 TR Headphones with MixAmp Pro TR are a high-quality wired gaming headphone/amp combination that provides a very comfortable fit and excellent audio at a premium price.


10) Best Comfort and Sound Gaming Headset: Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB USB

Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB USB review

This edition of the Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB USB is essentially a modified version of the older Kraken V2 Pro phones from 2017 – this headset is more comfortable, thanks to the gel-coated cushions around the cans, and the adjustable microphone features improved rejection of ambient noise.

But in terms of sound quality, it’s the same story, the same custom-tuned 50mm drivers, and the same great gaming performance at a great price.


  • The volume can be turned up to a very high level. The slightly muddy midrange performance is only really noticeable at high levels or when you’re listening to music.
  • We had no complaints with the Razer Kraken when we played games, as the solid bass response gives the roar of explosions and thrusters a satisfying boost, while the noise of gun reloads rattles nicely around your holes.
  • The 1.3m cable is long enough to give you a bit of distance without getting tied in knots.
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  • Comfortable to wear
  • Powerful bass response
  • Attractive design
  • Strong build quality
  • Excellent microphone
  • Midtones can get a bit muddy
  • Relatively weak head grip


Simply put, the 2019 Razer Kraken, like the V2 Pros, is a great option if you want good value for money.


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Buying Guide for Best Console Gaming Headsets:

There are a few important factors to consider ensuring you get the most out of your Xbox One or PS4 console gaming headsets. Finding the best gaming headsets isn’t easy. And that’s partly due to the huge market saturation we’re facing right now.

With the ever-increasing popularity of sports and the relative simplicity of combining standard audio hardware with comfortable headphones, a dash of software wizardry, and perhaps some RGB, PC gamers now have more options than ever.

If you’re heading back to school soon, now is a great time to invest in some quality headphones and a clear microphone. And if you are involved in distance learning, a comfortable headset with a clear microphone is a must-have technology for students and teachers alike.

Fortunately, we’ve been testing loads of gaming headsets mentioned above. Now is a particularly good time to invest in headphones. Below are the best gaming headsets we’ve tested.

Quick Buying Tips:

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best gaming headsets for you:

Wired or Wireless:

Wired headphones generally cost less and don’t need to be charged. So if you normally play games at your desk, you may want to stick with the wired options to make things cheaper and easier. A wired headset won’t die in the middle of battle, either, unless (maybe) you pass the cable with your chair. On the other hand, there is no denying the convenience of being able to rush into the kitchen for a drink without having to take out the cans.

Headbands and Headphones:

Comfort is more subjective than measuring audio input and output. But in general, you should be wary of plush gaming headphones with chunky bumps, cheap foam, and cloth covers. They can look good and even feel comfortable, but when we test these types of headphones we often find disappointing acoustic performance. The material of the ear pads can make a big difference in what your ears finally perceive.

Appearances Matter:

Not everyone needs RGB lights around their head to look like a sci-fi prop. But this can be useful when playing games if the software allows you to map events or game states (like damage dealt or cooldown meters) to specific RGB effects.

Audio and Mic Quality:

Finding the best console gaming headsets then you must consider audio and mic quality too! You should check if you want a headset with surround sound. You also need to see about one jack headset which means you’ll be able to use it on your PC or latest Laptops. Moreover, vibration effects, bass sound also give a premium gaming experience so must consider them in your shortlist.

Bluetooth Specification:

If you choose wireless technology and opt for Bluetooth (no USB dongle needed), look for headphones that support Qualcomm’s aptX technology. A compression (codec) technology that has been leveraged for decades in TV, movie voice work, cinema audio, and thousands of radio stations. As long as the underlying hardware is good, you will be pleasantly surprised by the sound output.

People Also Ask (FAQs):

What is the Best Console Gaming Headset?

Best gaming headset for consoles means you need to consider all above mentioned important factors. There must be best sound quality, mic quality, high-quality connectivity, comfy, design, and durability. Our recommendations to must check out headsets models from Razer, ASTRO Gaming and also other brands.

What Headphones Do Pro Gamers Wear 2020?

Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB is the headset that most pro gamers do use. Because, this headset is more comfortable, thanks to the gel-lined cushions around the cans, and the adjustable microphone features improved the ambient noise.

What Headphones do Professional Gamers Use?

ASTRO A40 is the headset that most professional gamers do use. It definitely has a more gamer-oriented aesthetic and that becomes even more apparent when you look at the customization options for this product. You can change the ear pads, headband, and microphone and you can even get custom speaker labels to make your A40 truly unique. None of that has any impact on the actual performance of the product, but thankfully it’s not lacking on that front either.

What is the Number 1 Gaming Headset?

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is the world’s best gaming headset for PS4 and PS5 gamers.

But in short, if you’re looking for surround sound for a competitive edge, my recommendation is to keep surround sound off – processing that tries to fake surround sound often makes it harder to hear footsteps or other quiet audio signals, it adds.

Instead, look for headphones with a wider audio stage, for example, a lot of open headphones, as this will make it easier to place your enemies on the map based on the noises they are making.


A good pair of headphones is key to victory in many games like PUBG, Valorant, Fortnite, and CSGO, where hearing a single footstep from a wayward foe could spell the difference between a delicious chicken dinner and ignoble defeat.

That’s why we’ve compiled our top recommendations for the best gaming headsets on the market right now.

Hope this helps you find the best console gaming headsets.

Thank you!